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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My BFF is pregnant

One of my bff CT (story dye ada kat sini) msg me telling that she is 6 weeks pregnant..
She has been TTC'ing for four years...we share a lot of things together in this TTC journey.. i think she is the only person that I've talked about TTC in real life, beside my hubby..
Of course I am happy for her..When she told me, i pulak yang rasa happy and sebak. Indeed, it make me happier to hear a TTC friend gets pregnant than usual friends...rasa nak menangis pun ada. Alhamdulillah...praying for everything will be safe for her and her baby...She said this is not the end, but actually a new beginning..

As for me,
Seriously my emotion and mental are more stable now compare to previous year...maybe kalau dulu i mungkin jadi "meroyan" bila dengar orang di sekeliling i preganant..but now, im more ok..
Biar lah, tu rezeki they all..
And selalunya juga, baru i perasan, bila je i tensen dgn cerita org pregnant, Allah mesti akan bagi i rezeki lebih...
Contohnya yang BFF msg about the news, then a few hours later, i got order...
Macam Tuhan nak bagi reminder to me, He might not give me that rezqi but He is sending me the rezqi in other form...So be thankful...

I dah tak kisah dah apa orang nak cakap...and i dah tau macam mana nak "lawan" emosi bila orang bercakap pasal kita...
And i dah tak ambil peduli pasal orang-orang yang suka menyakitkan hati i...i only care about my heart feeling...macam tu i dah tak tensen and stress lagi dah...
And this journey juga telah mematangkan diri I ni and appreciate life more than ever...
Yang penting my hubby is there to support me...


  1. wah..sgt emosi dan inspire!
    betul2....kita dh semakin kuat dari kita yang dulu kn....?? plus, Allah bgi rezki macam2 kat kita, kadang kita je tak perasan... ok!

  2. Mana tahu berjangkit dengan kita pulak kan... Happy for her! =)

  3. a few friends of mine pregnant jugak this year... diorang kawen lagi lama... 5-7 tahun... alhamdulillah rezeki mereka dah sampai... rezeki kita hanya Allah yang tahu... (pujuk diri sendiri nieh)


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