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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I LOVE.....

I love the songs you dedicate to me

I love when I tell you my problems and you hold me and let me know everything will be okay

I love how strong you are and the fact that you think I'm strong

I love that we're going on three years together even though we've been married ever since we met

I love how you support me in everything I do and every decision I make

I love when you kiss me on my forehead then kiss my lips and give me a hug before you leave

I love when you hold me tight when we watch a movie

I love when you call me weird when I act silly

I love that you're my first love and I'm yours

I love that you call me just to see how my day is going

I love how I can be myself around you

I love the cute nickname you call me

I love waking up in your arms

I love the ring you bought me because it means so much to me

I love how when we argue we don't stay mad for long

I love that we're best friends

I love how you think I look even better when my hair is messed up

I love it when you say I'm the prettiest, sexiest girl in the world

I love that if the girl's not me then you don't want her

I love how you know no one will ever compare to me

I love the time we spend together

I love it when you say you are the luckiest man in the world

I love when you call me your babygirl

I love when you mess with my hair when we kiss

I love when you hold me

I love being in your arms

I love that you tell me sweet dreams and that you love me before we get off the phone at night

I love when you say you love me with all of your heart

I love how you think my body's perfect

I love the new things you've opened me up to

I love getting lost in your eyes

I love how I can talk to you about any and everything

I love when we talk about our future

I love that we have proven that we can get through anything

I love how you always try to make everything a surprise

I  love that you say 'kiss' when you want one

I love the secrets we keep between us

I love when you call me perfect

I love your maturity but I also love how you can be a big kid

I love your sense of humor

I love when you looked at me that one time and said 'wow'

I love that your family refers to me as an in-law

I love the fact that I know there is no one like you

I love how we know each other inside and out

I love how you only listen to music that has a message and not all that nonsense

I love how you don't care about what anyone thinks of you

I love how you never paid attention to the really special things about girl until you met me

I love that you never settle for less

I love how my feelings for you keep getting stronger each day

Even though I hate it, I love when we argue you sarcastically say, "yeah Baby, your always right"

I love that when you're at work, you work harder because you think about the things you want to do for me

Even though I don't understand how you do it, I love how you don't get stressed about the biggest situation

I love how we balance each other out

I love that you are passionate about what you love

I love how we only get stronger each day

I love how we stare at each other like we're in our own little world

I love how every time you walk past me you touch me

I love how you feel like you can still show me off in sweats and sloppy hair

I love that if I continue to tell you more of what I love, it will be too long to read...
So I'm done, I love you.

~this poem was written down and dedicated to my fiance (whom now is my dearest hubby) in early years of our engagement~

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Book Review ~ Source of Leadership

Recently, I had to submit a book review as part of the evalution to fulfill the requirement as a new officer. The title of books was given and the review must be done in 2 pages only .. Luckily, my book was quite interesting  till there is a lot of things i want to review and story. Following the guidelines they gave, after a few times editing, finally i manage to make it in 2 pages. Forgive my English, because I know my English is not that good...


      “The Source of Leadership” was written by David M. Traversi who is currently the Managing Director as well as the founder of 2020 Growth Partners, LLC. Traversi believed that there are certain traits which he called core drivers that drove someone as a leader. These drivers are the source of leadership which will be the key to success or failures. His desire to seek deeper meaning of leadership had brought him to further encounter through this topic, and compiled it in this book.
      “The Source of Leadership” addresses how to improve the effectiveness as a high-impact leader.  It was a write-up summary through his collective experience, exposures and observations. Traversi objective on writing is to make this book as a tool or checklist to help leaders and aspiring leaders in understanding the drivers to get to the leadership destination. He listed the checklist of traits and functions on what leaders must be, must do and how to do, so that the readers can easily refer and rated themselves in their profession or daily routine; either in business, politics, economy, management, industry and others.
      The book was written in a simple language where it can be understood easily by the readers. Eight drivers of leadership which are Presence, Openness, Clarity, Intention, Personal Responsibility, Intuition, Creativity and Connected Communication have been explained clearly in separate chapter. The writers used his experiences and real-life stories to example the importance and role of each driver. This way, he could attract the reader to fully engage in his book and understand the driver’s terms better. Each chapter explained each driver in four stages: the definition and methods; exercises; real stories on how the high-impact leader empowered by the driver and the leadership dashboard as conclusion.
      In the writer’s view, leadership is in crisis where world don’t have enough effective leaders as well as lack of effective way of developing and training the leaders. “The Source of Leadership” guided readers on how to identify, access, and develop deep personal energies that enable critical traits and functions. Through this book, the writer hoped for the possibilities that the reader will understand better about their internal drivers/core energies and immerse themselves in a new approach of leadership rather than the traditional way, thus become high impact leader and lead effectively as the one can.
      The writer emphasized two important points; the high-impact leader empowered by presence and should have personal responsibility. Other drivers were connected out from these two main drivers. By taking responsibilities, leaders become part of the solution and this gives powers to leaders thus become high-impact leaders. When leaders owned the event or condition, they would be able to respond, decide the effect and affect the world around them. Leaders must being real in the present to stay focus, secure and open. Past serves us on purpose to teach us to live better in the present. If you worried about the future, try to convert them to a plan as worry is foes. To be effective, a leader must be closer to reality, which is by being present. As example; American manufacturers who once were ignoring the economic boom occurred in China had now declared bankrupt due to they could not compete while those high-impact leader who recognized and embraced Chinese manufacturing opportunities are enjoying huge success currently.
      Traditional leadership book writers explained how effective leader should posses and functions the leaders must perform but they did not explain how leaders can begin to embody those traits and perform those functions. They describe the destination, but don't address the means. While most of the books on leadership emphasized on theories, research, and studies or viewing leadership theoretically in scientific treatise, “The Source of Leadership” is like a travelogue of the writer’s discovery of interesting places, experiences and practices in the leadership landscape, make it different from other standard leadership books.
      The best aspect in this book is in the last chapter consisted assessment survey for the readers to identify which level of leadership they are today and could take the optimal path to achieve the leadership destination based on the writer’s recommendation. I think this is a way for the writer to make sure he could achieve his goal. One thing lack from this book is the research made by the writer was skimpy. Most of the findings were made totally based on what he thought is right from his own experiences and observations. The writer did not support his research with much established theories or if there were any, he included it on shallow or minimal basis. If the writer could correlate his findings with established theories, it could gain more recognition and confidence from the readers which will help him to achieve his goal at the best.
      What I like the best about this book is it contains practical exercises in each chapters and assessment survey in the last chapter where it help readers to emerge with many of the principles and traits associated with effective leadership. The book provides examples and methods, so that readers can apply and be more effective. All together, this book is readers-friendly thus make it enjoyable to read.
      Although “The Source of Leadership” surround on heavy topic but Traversi wrote it in a different approach which make it like a light reading to the readers. This book is recommended to be read by everyone not only leaders, as it is helpful guide for self-improvement. It is not only suggested what a high-impact leader should be, furthermore it guide how you can reach there. Readers who develop these personal energies/drivers and employ the techniques offered up in this book are hopefully to achieve maximum effectiveness as a leader and successfully develop into a high-impact leader, as well as a deep sense of contentment and fulfillment as a person.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Ok, post kali ni penulis nak cakap direct jer..

Biasanya ada dua blog yang penulis selalu follow; even sebelum penulis menubuhkan blog ini lagi..
Dua blog yang mempunyai matlamat berbeza tetapi berlandaskan satu topik yang sama ~ ANAK..
Dua-dua mampu membuatkan penulis mengalirkan air mata (maklum lah penulis memang terkenal dengan jiwa sensitif). Jiwa mereka penulis selam, lebih-lebih lagi kerana tulisan mereka ibarat rentetan hidup penulis juga

Akhir-akhir ni juga banyak sangat cerita orang buang anak la...buang bayi la..dera anak la..jual anak la...macam-macam lagi..
Entah la..mana hilangnya perikemanusian...sedih betul hati penulis..kenapa lah diaorang sanggup buat macam tu..
Tak terfikir ke mereka yang kat dunia ni ada ramai lagi yang berdoa siang dan malam, mengimpikan dikurniakan zuriat? Bertahun-tahun menunggu tanpa putus asa..terus-terusan menunggu namun masih belum juga dikurniakan...Mengharap tanpa henti kehadiran permata hidup..
Tahukah mereka betapa sebaknya hati insan-insan ini melihat bayi-bayi yang dibuang sesuka hati, sambil merintih dalam hati, "Ya Tuhan, kenapa tidak kau kurniakan saja anak ini padaku, pasti aku akan menghargainya sepenuh hati daripada insan-insan ini.."
Adilkah~ mereka taknak tapi mereka dapat sedangkan aku? Sangat-sangat ingin memilikinya tapi tak diberi...
Tak terfikir ke mereka, anak itu adalah anugerah Tuhan yang hanya dipinjamkan sementara sahaja? Bila-bila masa sahaja boleh diambil kembali. Ia bukan harta peribadi yang boleh dibuat sesuka hati walaupun datang dari perut kita sendiri..
Tahu kah mereka betapa ada insan di luar sana, yang direntap kebahagiaan mereka sekelip mata apabila permata yang diidam2kan cuma sempat berada di sisi seketika sahaja..
Tahukah mereka betapa terlukanya hati seorang ibu dan ayah apabila cahaya mata terkulai dalam dakapan sendiri..

Mereka tak pernah tahu, tak pernah faham dan tak akan mengerti sebab mereka bukan manusia..
Orang yang sangat menginginkan zuriat belum lagi dikurniakan rezeki...orang (kalau layak digelar orang lah!)  yang dah diberi zuriat plak, sedikit pun tak menghargai...

Antara cerita pilu seorang bakal ibu yang  merindui kehadiran cahaya mata penyeri rumah tangga dan kisah duka seorang lagi ibu yang kehilangan cahaya mata penyeri rumah tangga ~ penulis tak dapat nak bandingkan...
Yang pastinya, kesedihan di hati hanya Tuhan yang tahu..hanya mereka yang mengalami sahaja akan memahami..

Friday, December 10, 2010

sekali lagi

Buat sekian kalinya..
hati ini terluka lagi..
aku kah yang salah lagi?

sungguh aku tak mengerti..
payah benarkah untuk mengasihi hati ini?
sukar benarkah memahami diri ini?

aku serik untuk menangis lagi..
aku serik untuk berharap lagi
dan aku serik menantikan yang tak pasti..

ku putuskan
jalan ini akan ku harungi sendiri..
langkah ini akan ku aturkan sendiri..
seperti mana sebelum kehadiran dirinya lagi..

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rapuh~serapuh hatiku tatkala ini...

detik waktu terus berjalan
berhias gelap dan terang
suka dan duka tangis dan tawa
tergores bagai lukisan

seribu mimpi berjuta sepi
hadir bagai teman sejati
di antara lelahnya jiwa
dalam resah dan air mata
kupersembahkan kepadaMu
yang terindah dalam hidupku

meski ku rapuh dalam langkah
kadang tak setia kepadaMu
namun cinta dalam jiwa
hanyalah padaMu

maafkanlah bila hati
tak sempurna mencintaiMu
dalam dadaku harap hanya
diriMu yang bertahta

detik waktu terus berlalu
semua berakhir padaMu

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Still in Love

There is always up and down in relationship...
As I always said..

Cherish every moment you can spend with your love ones;

it may the last moment you will have with him/her/them...

as tomorrow never promise us live in the moment..

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Manusia yang kalah?

Lalu kini..aku adalah manusia yang kalah..manusia yang tewas! Di mata mereka lah..
Adil kah untuk aku dilabel begitu? Sedangkan apa yang terjadi di luar kuasa kemampuanku?
Siapa mereka untuk menghakimi aku? Tidak kah mereka sedar di atas sana ada lagi satu kuasa yang Maha Hebat yang mengatur perjalanan ini?
Adakah mereka itu sudah cukup hebat untuk melabel orang macam tue..Dan adakah aku perlu menjadi si Tanggang yang lupa diri untuk menjawab segala sindiran itu?
Lalu bagaiman untuk ku jawap? Tidak ada perasaan kah mereka? Tidak kah mereka sedar bahawa kata2 itu bukan sahaja mengguris hati ini, malah mencalar seluruh hidup aku...Tak cukup lagi kah dengan apa yang aku pendam selama ini? Lalu, apa yang mampu aku lakukan..
Adakalanya diam itu lebih baik dari seribu bahasa...Biarlah airmata ini terus mengalir dalam hati selagi aku termampu memendamnya...
Allah tak akan memberikan sesuatu ujian yang tak mampu kita tanggung, yang di luar kemampuan kita.Adakalanya kita menghendakkan sesuatu sedangkan sesuatu itu bukan yang terbaik untuk kita.Sesungguhnya Dia-lah yang lebih mengetahui apa-apa yang terbaik untuk kita..
Sedangkan aku merasakan hidup aku terlalu indah, lengkap dan istimewa walaupun aku belum dikurniakan sesuatu yang amat ku rindukan..
Alih-alih, mereka yang menafsir sendiri..membuatkan keputusan bahawa aku tak boleh menjadi manusia yang gembira sebabkan kekuranganku yang satu itu? Adil kah?
Aku menangis lagi..bukan kerana sedih dengan ketetntuan Tuhan.Tidak, malahnya aku amat bersyukur..tapi aku sedih dengan kata-kata mereka yang tak memahami..
Dan yang paling menyedihkan, "tiang" tempat ku berpaut tiada di sisi di saat aku paling memerlukan...
Tak mengapa, ku cuba harungi sendiri..

Hari ini sang bidadari sedang menangis

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Alasan untuk gembira

Hari ini aku gembira..
Perlukah sebab untuk gembira?
Tiada alasan, cuma gembira...

Sebab aku bahagia..
Peduli apa orang nak kata...
Yang penting aku bahagia..
Walau aku tak punya semua yang aku impikan

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