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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I LOVE.....

I love the songs you dedicate to me

I love when I tell you my problems and you hold me and let me know everything will be okay

I love how strong you are and the fact that you think I'm strong

I love that we're going on three years together even though we've been married ever since we met

I love how you support me in everything I do and every decision I make

I love when you kiss me on my forehead then kiss my lips and give me a hug before you leave

I love when you hold me tight when we watch a movie

I love when you call me weird when I act silly

I love that you're my first love and I'm yours

I love that you call me just to see how my day is going

I love how I can be myself around you

I love the cute nickname you call me

I love waking up in your arms

I love the ring you bought me because it means so much to me

I love how when we argue we don't stay mad for long

I love that we're best friends

I love how you think I look even better when my hair is messed up

I love it when you say I'm the prettiest, sexiest girl in the world

I love that if the girl's not me then you don't want her

I love how you know no one will ever compare to me

I love the time we spend together

I love it when you say you are the luckiest man in the world

I love when you call me your babygirl

I love when you mess with my hair when we kiss

I love when you hold me

I love being in your arms

I love that you tell me sweet dreams and that you love me before we get off the phone at night

I love when you say you love me with all of your heart

I love how you think my body's perfect

I love the new things you've opened me up to

I love getting lost in your eyes

I love how I can talk to you about any and everything

I love when we talk about our future

I love that we have proven that we can get through anything

I love how you always try to make everything a surprise

I  love that you say 'kiss' when you want one

I love the secrets we keep between us

I love when you call me perfect

I love your maturity but I also love how you can be a big kid

I love your sense of humor

I love when you looked at me that one time and said 'wow'

I love that your family refers to me as an in-law

I love the fact that I know there is no one like you

I love how we know each other inside and out

I love how you only listen to music that has a message and not all that nonsense

I love how you don't care about what anyone thinks of you

I love how you never paid attention to the really special things about girl until you met me

I love that you never settle for less

I love how my feelings for you keep getting stronger each day

Even though I hate it, I love when we argue you sarcastically say, "yeah Baby, your always right"

I love that when you're at work, you work harder because you think about the things you want to do for me

Even though I don't understand how you do it, I love how you don't get stressed about the biggest situation

I love how we balance each other out

I love that you are passionate about what you love

I love how we only get stronger each day

I love how we stare at each other like we're in our own little world

I love how every time you walk past me you touch me

I love how you feel like you can still show me off in sweats and sloppy hair

I love that if I continue to tell you more of what I love, it will be too long to read...
So I'm done, I love you.

~this poem was written down and dedicated to my fiance (whom now is my dearest hubby) in early years of our engagement~

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