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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

People are jealous of us too

Being a TTC person actually has opened  me to another view of life...

As a TTC, we always envy of other's parenthood life..
We are jealous how easy some people can conceived (again..and..again)..
when we are struggling to get at least once..
We envy how their life seems perfect with kids around...
We always dream that we can have their life..

But do we realize...
That there are people who are also envy with our life..
A childfree life that we have (at least for the moment)...

They are envy on how much time we can have for ourselves..
How easy we can go for spa, salon, manicure, pedicure, shopping and the list go on
They are envy on how we can spend more intimacy time with our spouses (without interruption or tiredness)
They are jealous on how easy we can plan our vacation..anytime anywhere we wish..and we can travel easily..less hassle..less budgets...
They are jealous on how we can keep our house need, tidy and clean most of the time..
And some even jealous that we still look good and young at our age..

So, I think..
Every life has pro and con..
People are never satisfied with what they have..
And they will always compare their lives with others...
When we are envying on others..
In the same time..
They are envy of us...
So, where is the difference?
Is our life better that them?
Or theirs are better than us?

I think most important..
Try to appreciate what you have..
Though it's not something that you want..
but it might be something that u need..

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  1. betul
    just enjoy apa yg kita ada
    xperlu compare2 + envy2
    setiap org pon ada lebih. ada kurang.

    1. betul..dari kita sibuk fikirkan apa yang kita tak ada lebih baik kita enjoy apa yang kita ada..hati pun lebih tenang

  2. ada dalam satu blog dia tulis lebih kurang macam ni,

    - ada orang mengalir air mata mengimpikan zuriat, ada orang mengalir air mata mempertahankan rumahtangga, ada orang mengalir air mata mahukan bahagia seperti kita..-

    well said dear..semua yang perfect Tuhan dah apa hidup berdua..hiks

  3. can they travel if to penang if they suddenly feel like wanna have some pasemboq?

    can they just climb to genting if they have nothing to do at fortnight?

    so nuff said my dear youngparent fellas ... just feed your baby so that they can bring you at your age of 60....


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