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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Its A Long & Tiring Journey..

I created this blog not because to have followers or to get money or attention and etc...
I created this blog as a place for me to express my feeling...
Its just like my heartfeel diary..
Because sometimes there are times I cant say my words outloud..
as it might hurt people or it just simply my personal insight which no one ever want to hear OR understand..

Im facing a big hurdles in my life..
All this while everything went smoothly...
My life was perfect...and normal..
I thought it was complete but I realize now what completed my life..
But actually it just a hint that I'm goin to face the most critical situation in my life..
It tests my patient to the maximum..
It tests how strong I am to face the world and how the world will judge me..
Whether or not I'll be thankfull to the Lord above...

It sometimes it hurts..
Sometimes it cost me non-stop tears...
Sometimes I smiled and laughed but deep down my heart, I cried..
But still there is time I feel genuinely happy..

There is time when envy and jealousy surrounded my heart
And yet it turned into tearful sorrow and sadness..
But Im still happy for others' happiness..or at least I tend to be happy
People tend to try to understand..They said..
But truthfully they dont understand because they dont go through it..
They dont face it..they dont feel it..
So they just simply dont understand...

There is time when things dont go well as they were planned...
and there is time when your journey is not as easy as others
I never wish my life will go this way...NEVER..
but God has different plan for me..
Im trying to be as strong as I can..
Im trying to be as patient as I can..
Though sometimes I almost give up and lost hope...
On this long and tiring journey..

Today ~ Sang Bidadari is still waiting for God's give!

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