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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Crying isn't showing your weakness. Its shows that you've been strong for too long...
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Yup, Couldn't agree more!
I know...when ever i means that i cant hold it in my heart anymore..even for hundred repeatations of time...
If I cant take it anymore it simply means I cant take it need to push me..
Crying is the best way to express my feelings...especially when somethings are so hard/ cant be uttered from my small rosy lips..
Burst in cry make me feel better and relieved....Like throwingaway  all the hard stones in the heart..
It doesnt put away the problems but it does make me feel least for a moment..
What else do I have either than those beautiful diamondlike sparkles than run down from my eyes...??

I dont cry much in my earliest years of life.....
Naaaaaaaaaa...I lied!
I did cried..but usually i swallowed and buried it deep down in my heart..
I cried when i cant get what i want..
I cried when all my scorer friends got offer to go to boarding schools when Im not (eventually I got the offer too for 2nd intake but I let it down~merajuk la konon!)
I cried when my crush had a crush with my best friend (he actually just be friend to me to get to my bestfriend)
I cried when my parents put more attention to my brother than me...
I cried whenever my relationships was over because i tend to make same stupid mistakes by falling in the stupid guys..(which i realise later)
I cried when ever I feel missing of my family and parents when Im a far apart..
But my parents said Im the eldest, I have to be strong and, I cant cry..
yess...I never cry, at least not in front of them..because everytime I cry, I cry inside my heart..

But now,
Im facing the biggest hurdles in my life...
I cant bear to hold my tears anymore..
I cant no more hide every single sparkles in my heart ..
I cry outloud...
I cry..and cry..and cry
Until now..
Tears is my best frind...

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