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Sunday, February 3, 2013

money constraint

We have not proceed with any medical treatments since end of last year...
Recently hubby asked me when we want to proceed with the iui or directly do ivf..
Me? Keep answer..
We discussed about a few options like in MAC, HUKM or with Dr. Hamid Arshat as been recommended by our TTC friends..and option of IVF if necessary..

But the problem is money...
Its not that we cant afford but we have very limited resources...
Previously we did in Hospital Putrajaya, so we dont really feel the expenses burden...

Actually, I am thinking to use the saving money to buy my first house...
I only have that amount of money which ive been saving through past 2 years..
And i cant use it for both and i can only have one at the moment...If i use a portion of my savings for the treatment, then it wont be enough as a deposit+legal fee+downpayment...i need to save some time some more..

But the truth is..i dont feel like continuing the treatment yet...

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  1. kdg2 memang ada time kita rasa malas nak buat rawatan.. normal kot..

    xmo stress k dear..


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