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Thursday, November 14, 2013

FB Status

Since my previous post, there is time i post about my TTC journey in FB..sometimes i received few comments or likes and sometimes none..i even share my blog in my FB..i dont think there is need to hide anymore..they should what I'm going thru..and lucky enough also, some of my friends are starting to understand what Im facing...
During new hijri year i post my new resolution..I want a baby..
Purposely, so that they understands that me too has feeling to have my own child and that Im not in planning like they always assumed...
Alhamdulillah, i received many prayers...hopefully with all the doa, my wish will come true..


  1. You are lucky to have such understanding group of friends :)

  2. Congratulation because you are brave and have the strong heart to get out from infertility anonimity. I sendiri belum ada kekuatan seperti itu. As Lady Mira said, you are lucky to have that kind of friends

  3. ya lar, sgt lucky nie :) moga dipermudahkan semua!

  4. Entahla...seronok kalau dorg doakan dgn ikhlas..da 5 thn ttc ni sy rse sy d berubah..sentiasa rse org happy sy xde bby sbb sy ada kerja yg bagus, husband yg sgt2 caring n loving..bole gi jln2 sana sini berdua..
    Kwn sy pernah cakap yg mmbuatkan sy sentap..kalo ko ada bby hidup ko completely x adillah kt org lain..

    Hello..ko yg dpt laki yg selalu keluar mlm..nk dinner kt luar time gaji pn susah then ko harap aku xde bby smpai bile2..

    Sy try utk jauhkn diri dr dorang ni n sedaya upaya happykan hubby..semoga Allah tetap kan hati kami berdua n yakin pdNya sdg menguji cinta kami..dan sy yakin 200% kami akn mndapat cahaya mata suatu hari nnti.

  5. Salam...ape progress u skrg ye? Saya baru nk mula check up Fabruari ni di LPPKN. Seronok baca pengalaman orang lain. Btw...nama saya Zah.

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