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Monday, January 26, 2015

Little munchkin is now 4 months old..

How should i starts..

Just a simple annoucement..Sorry for not informing earlier..

We are blessed with a beautiful anugerah on 15 September 2014 at 11.05 pm.

To my arjuna,

You are not the final destination, but the extended journey of what mummy and daddy has gone through before..

You are the reminder on how mercy God is...

and the prove that miracles do happen..

I don't know if I will become a good mother. But I believed I will be a loving mother, I will show to him that he is special, but not necessarily be an arrogant. He is unique, but not necessarily centre of attention. He is brilliant, but not necessarily fast. He is strong, not necessarily underestimating others.


  1. congratulation dear! may he be a faithful son, and be Blessed by Allah...Amin...

  2. Assalam..salam kenal :) ....saya baca blog awk.Maaf,nk bertanya adakah awk dpt baby slps berjaya urut dgn kakak yg buat rwtn islamik tu?kalo betul tu salah satu ikhtiarnya harap awk dpt kongsikan dimana tempat kakak tu n cara nk hubunginya...tq

  3. Alhamdulillah.... tahniah. u're one of my early ttc friend.... happy sgt. btw... anak kita beza sehari jer.

    1. is the baby full term? just curious coz tgk post pasal urut tu on may and baby arrive on Sept. Ke masa urut tu sememangnya dah pregnant? nk dgr full story plz.. bkn apa excited sebenarnya :)


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