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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Should i officially announce that I am TTCing on FB?

Don't know where to start my post today..
Something happened yesterday..
Something that suddenly give me that idea..

Maybe i should officially announce on FB that I am TTCing..
So that people at least will know..
I don't hope they will understand because I know they won't or worse..they don't even care actually...
But if they care, they will know how to face me...
What should or should not be asked, or say in front of me..
Know how to communicate with me without hurting my feelings...

Im not an active commentors or postings in FB..
It juz a place for me to keep track with my friends...playing games...selling my business...
But from my observation. FB is really strategic place to say anything you like, to curse people, to shout out your opinion, to share your interests and even sharing your whole life...

Wedding or pregnancy announcement and progress, your daily life, what you eat, where you go, what you did, what you are wearing today, how do you feel today and even an obituary are announced in FB..
It's the first place to get news about other people/friends around you...

I observed what my friends posts..
Usually it will related to their interest or liking..
Actually u can see the trend
Some are so into politics..they post anything either pro or cons of the certain parties or Govt..
Some are really crazy about football (like my hubby) till you can see all his post or post featured by his friends on his wall are all related to football..
Some are crazy about and food...or business...or always on vacation/job tour (this one I really envy!!!)
And young couples (married and not) tend to post or share about all sorts of petua keharmonian rumah tangga, kasih sayang, love quotes and something related to relationship..(and definitely will tag their partner)
Young mothers and pregnant mothers will always share all sort of tips relating to parenting and pregnancy include their personal experiences and progress...
And some first timer parents could be very obsessed with their parenting and keep updating about their child progress..
And you can see the trend in their interest with their circles of friends or life...

What the hell all this related to my post today..

Well, something did happened yesterday which hurts me (again)

Make me realize..these group of people usually will chat publicly among themselves about something so related or so dear with them...
But the problem about us (i mean here TTCian) is that we rarely outspoken our thoughts..or publicly chatting about it with each other..not like other issues...
We only express our concerns in the blog..or in the closed group like TTC Group...
How many times we really chat about it publicly with our friends? TTC friends?
How many people out there really understands the word or abbreviation  that TTCian used?
And how many really post about their TTC Journey publicly in FB? And why I never post about my TTC Journey in FB? Is it because I'm scared? Or is it because I feel down about my situation? And maybe because it sounds not right or not our Malaysian's culture to share the "dalam kain" stories?

Then, how can the people understands what we are going through? What we feel?
How much money we spend on that?
Maybe not directly write everything...
Maybe I can start with something like.."I am TTC since bla bla bla"
So if they wondering what that mean, they will google it..
Then, some updates on what procedure Im going example if today i go for FT then i will announce the result.."Todays FT result bla bla bla"
And the list should goes on...
So, I should find the courage to post about my TTC Journey in FB..
So, people will know...especially those who are close around me..

And so that they can passed the stories to any mulut longkang makcik who like to disturb our peacefull and harmony life...
And so that people also understand although we never conceived (yet but one day we will) our knowledge about fertility is above all..don't underestimate us like we know nothing at all. You will be surprised that we know better how to calculate our period, fertile days, signs that we're ovulating, when and how to BD through many ways, all kind of petua in the world about conceiving, everything that you need to know about your body and conceive. We even got  the knowledge from Drs who is specialist in O&G and because we pay for it..not through reading or googling or sharing post in FB that you dont even know the genuine source...we know a lot of things that sometimes people who have a dozen children also never thought of...So, dont pretend and ignore us like we know nothing when in fact we know better than you...


  1. mekasih singgah blog farhah. salam perkenalan. farhah suke bace post nih! bagi semangat! :)

  2. Senyumlah duhai sahabat..Jangan memandang kepada perkara yang negatif..Biarlah apa pun org nak ckp.Yang penting ALLAH masih bersama kita. Kite berusaha selebihnya berserah kpd Allah. Salam perkenalan~

  3. i believe that us ttc rarely update our status regarding ttc in fb because people (orang kita especially) did not really understand what ttc means.

    bukan apa, biasalah org, kawen terus anak. mulut longkang. itu normal. yg lambat tak normal. so we tends to be within our circle; with those who knows n understand us.

    tp, ada gak logicnya. sampai bila kita nk duduk dalam circle kita. sbb kalo kita still dalam circle kita, org lain tak faham apa itu ttc.

    tp, bagi aku personally, kenapa aku tak publicly announce aku ttc and even pregnant di fb, sbb aku dah terlalu byk terasa hati dgn org ramai di fb. in fact, kita tak sedar bila kita asyik tulis tulis gitu, ada org yg terasa, pastu doakan yg buruk2. well, itu personally apa aku rasa la.

    sebab, hanya org yg rasa, akan tahu. tp, kalo kawan2 tu mmg kawan2 rapat, derang akan tahu dan faham, isu ttc n anak ni sensitive. dan takkan tanya bukan2.

  4. salam kawan2 TTC, jemput singgah blog erin yer.
    sama la erin pon x cerita pasal TTC ni dlm FB..nnt erin jadi down plak.. kalau nak tau, bukak FB pon kadang2 je. baca mana ada depan mata je. xde la plak nak scroll down previus post. sbb nnt erin sedey plak tgk kawan2 post gamba baby... :(

  5. Salam =)

    macam nak copy paste this entry to my fb page.

    sekarang ni, macam nak kempen juga tentang ttcian ni di fb
    tapi biasa lah.. termasuk diri sendiri, rasa tak confident, rasa macam akan di judge, smash, paling best.. akan ada yg nasihat macam2 petua itu ini.


    1. salam sis, if nak share kat fb, caranya kat atas tu bawah "posted by honeylily" kan ada banyak2 button tu kan...klik je yang ada ikon FB tu...

  6. Sy xde keberanian utk post kt fb..
    Bile kwn2 lunch keep talking about their kids nk masuk tadika ke sekolah main games kt henfon..
    Pastu all eyes pandang sy n ada sorg akn tnye..beb ko x nk experience cm kitorg ke..
    Insyaaallah..tu je yg sy bole ckp
    They are my good friends tp xbole share dgn diorg sbb dorg x paham n dorg x tau pn ttc tu ape..
    Bg dorg sy ni kes terpencil n pelik sgt npe susah sgt nk pregnant sedangkan dorg bole wat anak evry year..
    Paling annoying is;
    Wei korang jom pregnant nex 4 months nak x..bosan la keje ni..bole maternity leave 3 bulan..

    Admit ko bole buat anak bile2 je tp bole x jaga sikit hati ni..

    Sorry tuan tanah..ter emo plak


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